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Who am I? 
A yogi in Los Angeles committed to helping others change their lives!

They call me Mel, a young woman with a passion for making a difference on the planet, leaving others a little happier, healthier, more inspired. My life revolves around community, always seeking ways to connect others and build our communities stronger. What I do is pretty simple: inspire people from around the world about proper nutrition and living a healthy active lifestyle, and connect people with similar goals to succeed together.

With my partner Holly, my goal is to create an extraordinary experience, both in person and online to provide support, inspiration, motivation, and vision to keep going. We have created some incredible health results and powerful relationships.

I started as a client, get exceptional results, and was compelled to pay it forward. What a journey of helping so many people achieve their goals *& dreams. You won’t just get some recommendations, we’ll live this lifestyle together!

Let's start living into your transformation now! Contact me to get started!